Spring Flowers: A Look Back At Previous Gardens

February 7th, 2014 | Posted by Sandy in Gardening

This time of year I start getting anxious for Spring.  Winter is not my favorite season.  It’s just too cold and dreary for my taste.  So to cheer myself up, I was looking through pictures of some of my past Spring and Summer blooms and looking ahead to getting out in the garden again.

I love yellow roses.  The house we used to live in had three long stem yellow rose bushes in front of the house.  I was really happy when I found this one.  It’s still in it’s nursery container, but I hope to get it planted this spring.

Yellow Rose

I have loved pansies ever since I was a little girl.  And look at these with their pretty purple edging.  They were covered with blooms and I really like the way they looked in the cute yellow tote.

Yellow Pansies

I love day lilies and even though the blooms are only open for a day, I enjoy going out each morning to see what is blooming that day.  The one below is “Catherine Woodbury”. 

Catherine Woodbury

This is a smaller day lily named “Little Audrey”.  

Little Audrey

This is one of my favorites and is named, “Paper Butterfly”.

Paper Butterfly

The bacopa looked so pretty in the black wicker basket I found at a garage sale.


Another day lily that I really enjoy because of the vivid color is “Super Purple”.

Super Purple

Does anyone else grow daylilies?  They are such fun!

Happy Gardening,


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